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Jacob Daul

  • 7-time 100 mile finisher. Trail running is my reset button.

  • I love wood working and finding shells on the beach. Okay, I love long walks on the beach as well.

  • I'm a health nut and by that I mean ice cream and a hoppy IPA that would put hair on anyone's chest.

I've lived in Wausau all my life. I take pride in our town. Running is something I've always found myself doing. Through running I found an incredible group of friends. It is with a handful of these great people that WausaUltra Events was born. Our number 1 goal is to produce new styles of events to participants. We are motivated and want to raise the bar on experience. Our proceeds will go to the land owners/schools and then back into our business. We believe in showcasing local businesses at our upcoming races. WausaUltra is passion driven. We are excited to share our passion with you!

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Ellen Humberston

  • 2 time ironman finisher, lover of long distance trail runs and open water swimming.

  • Dog mom of 2 beautiful pups and surgical PA who loves her job.

  • Vegetarian who likes making stupidly healthy desserts that people pretend to like but aren't worthy of being called desserts.


I moved here 6 years ago with thoughts of only staying for 1 year before moving back to Colorado...instead, I found an incredible group of people who challenged me to do things I never thought I'd be able to accomplish and who supported each other without question. Not to mention I discovered Wausau (and central Wisconsin) is an incredible place to explore. Thankful to still be friends with this incredible group of people who aim to share our experiences of challenging yourself emotionally and physically!

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Chad Esker

  • Multiple Ultra Triathlons, Ironman's and always up for new challenges.

  • If you can't find me on the lake with a drink in my hand I'm most likely doing some sort of landscape project at my house.

  • I've lived in the central Wisconsin all my life.


I was never athletic in school or played sports of any kind.  When the scale hit 200 lbs. I decided at that moment it was time to lose weight.  I joined our local YMCA and one person asked me to join in on a group swim. The words "don't give up on this" will forever be ingrained in my head. I had no idea this would opened a new world of friendships, opportunities that introduced me to this awesome sport.

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Jenn Schmoldt

  • Swim, bike, run, yoga, crew, eat chocolate & repeat. I’m not about the finish lines but the journey to get there.

  • Computer programming/reporting nerd by day, wife and cat lady wonder woman by night.

  •  If there’s a beach you can find me stooped over hunting for precious rocks, if there’s a mountain I’ll be climbing it, if there’s a waterfall I’ll be frolicking in it.


I love adventure and new challenges, but most of all I enjoy supporting friends in their crazy adventures, dreams, and goals. I can’t wait to support you as you take on a WausaUltra event!

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Scott Schmoldt

  • I ride my bicycle long distances. I run on occasion. I swim when my life depends on it.

  • I love the investigative process. When I’m not spending time with my wife, you’ll usually find me researching something obscure that likely won’t result in any real world impact.

  • I fancy myself a beer connoisseur. I love the entire process, history, and culture that surrounds the sweet nectar.


As a child, I only participated in group sports. I thought that people who ran for fun were a little off. Fast forward to my 30's (ok almost 40's) and I can say that endurance sports and the people that I’ve met along the way have changed my life immeasurably. I crewed my first ultra event in 2017 and since that time have logged countless miles, gained countless friends, and have experienced highs and lows that only an endurance sport can provide. I can’t wait to see you toe the start line!

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Rob Hoehn

  • 3-time Ironman, 2 ultra triathlons and a 100 mile run.

  • I'm a photography and computer nerd who loves to getting away from the computer as much as spending time with it.

  • Pizza is by far the best food group, my favorite thing about endurance racing is the license to eat.

I've lived in the Wausau area my whole life. After playing volleyball for 15 years I blew out my knee. Recovering from that injury in 2016 I found running, which led me into triathlon and the races just kept getting longer and longer. I find the most satisfaction in helping others achieve their goals, be it a 5k or 50 miler, there is nothing like seeing that accomplishment happen. Very excited to meet all the first time and veteran runners at WausaUltra!

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