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What is your why? Why are you here? Is it the challenge of seeing how far you can go? How fast you can go? Do you find peace in the trails or excitement in not knowing how a race like this will end? Do you crave the challenge of finding the motivation and energy to continue on?

This race is different. We think you knew that when you signed up, but if not, warning... this is not your average 5k with a set distance and end time. Only YOU can determine how far you can go or how hard you push each loop.

One thing that is for certain? We start each 4.167 mile loop every hour, on the hour. Be there, be square... or you’ll be left behind.

~ WausaUltra RD Team

Aerial Forest

Speed and Strategy are the name of the game. Push hard, in the head to head adventure.

  • What: 1 or 2 loops of 4.167 mile gorgeous mostly trail course looping throughout Sylvan Park

  • When: May 4th, 2024 @ 9:30 am, 3 hour cutoff (12:30 pm) for both 1 or 2 loop option

  • How it works:

  • You show up on the start line for 9:30 am start. you do 1 or 2 loops of the course (depending on what you signed up for)

  • times will be cumulative from start until finish of your registered distance. If doing 2 loops, separate loop times will not be calculated or provided.

  • aka you can take a nap or eat a buffet between loops if you want...but it all goes toward your total time

Go big or go home,
this race will push you to your limits.

  • What: 4.167 mile gorgeous mostly trail course looping throughout Sylvan Park, leaving on the hour, EVERY hour (don't be late) until 1 person remains

  • Who: Solo Racer

  • When: Friday, May 3rd at 9 am until we have a winner

Aerial Forest

Course Map

Course Map Altitude Lines v3.jpg

WausaUltra course map, starting from the checkered marking on the top left. The course also contains Strava Segments for a Global KOM | QOM ongoing contest.




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