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WausaUltra Ambassadors

 The athletic community has meant so much to each of us in terms of friendships, life goals, emotional and physical health. Our hope & dream is that we can continue to share that on an even larger scale through our ambassadors that share the vision of a supportive community of bad-a$$ people pushing themselves to do bad-a$$ things. Check out our 2022 ambassadors' stories below!

If you have any interest in being a WausaUltra ambassador, please email us at for more information. Ambassadors will be chosen on a yearly basis every January/February. 

Meet The 2022 WausaUltra Ambassadors 


Stefen King


He started running when he weighed over 300 lbs about 3 years ago. He started with no desire to race, he just wanted to lose weight. He started by doing the Couch to 5K program. He (eventually) started added some miles on, and started focusing on his nutrition as well as exercise. His wife finally convinced him to run in a race in 2019, the Wausau Half Marathon. He did it, and immediately got hooked. He signed up for a full marathon that he did 2 months later. Then COVID hit, and rather than stop running, he signed up for a summer long virtual race, where he ran an average of 10 miles a day all summer. He kept running... and kept running. His wife signed him up for the WausaUltra in 2021. He went into it with no idea how to do an ultra, but with the crazy thought that he wanted to hit 50 miles. He did 75 miles, and fell in love with trail running, ultra running, and pushing himself mentally and physically as far as he could. He did Devil's Lake 50 mile race in the summer of 2021, and got 3rd place. He then signed up for the Superior Fall Trail Race in 2021, and crushed those 100 miles with the awesome support of his crew. 

So what's next for this guy? He wants to win the WausaUltra Backyard in 2022 (but don't ask him that, because he would never admit he wants to win). He also is signed up and training for Tahoe 200 in June 2022, a 200 mile race around Lake Tahoe. He also plans to help his (crazy) runner friends this year by crewing for them at as many races as he can. He is also going to pace his wife at her first trail run in May. And the best part about all of this... he does all of this with a smile on his face and a wholesome heart, because he loves this life he is now living, and making the most of the friendships he has made. 


Tiffany King


She is a proud slow runner! She has had a love/hate relationship with running for years. She has done several 5Ks over the years, and then she stopped running, and gained a bunch of weight. Her job as a nurse practitioner centers on teaching people about health and wellness, and she realized that she wasn't living what she was preaching. So she got her running shoes back on, and started eating healthy. Her friend convinced her to sign up for a half marathon, which seemed absolutely insane at the time. So she trained all summer for it, and ran the Wausau Half Marathon in 2019. And then she did 2 more half marathons that Fall. And then she decided that she wanted to train for a full marathon. So she trained with her husband and her sister-in-law with plans to run Grandma's Marathon.... which eventually went virtual because of COVID. But she did it. She ran 26.2 miles on the Mountain Bay Trail, and can officially call herself a marathoner! She keeps running, but has also found the benefit of lifting weights, and works out 6 days a week, either running or going to the gym. 

So, what's next? Well, she has found that trail running is pretty awesome. She's going to run the WausaUltra Double Down Relay with her sister-in-law. She'll be crewing for her husband the rest of that weekend. And she signed up for a 25K trail race, the Spring Superior Trail Race. She's also hoping to pace her husband for the last 10 miles of his 200 mile race in Tahoe this year. She'll do various other shorter distance races throughout the year. She'll contemplate other longer distances. Most importantly though, she's going to be keeping active, keeping moving, and never stopping. 

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Joshua Tree.PNG

Adam Endicott- Ice Beard Runner


     My Why? This has always been an odd button topic for me because I do a lot of things without one, seriously, at least in a traditional sense. I know many runners and athletes carry that purpose around, that cold truth reason of why they set out to amazingly difficult things. It provides strength in our biggest times of weakness. It keeps the demons at bay when the waves of pain comes. It can make sense of nonsensical situations.

   I have a lot of reasons why I love what I do. Mostly, I love surrounding myself with amazing people. It takes just a moment at a race or event to know I am with my tribe. Totally unique individuals, from intense hard core endurance warriors, to modern day trail monks and poets. My Why, really is because I have a roll to play, a void to fill.  Instead of quantifying why we keep going and keep pushing. I love to celebrate the absurdity of the moment. I really don’t try to concur the pain, or even overcome it. I, instead, celebrate the silly ass nature of why its there to begin with. Being part of a collective that is shunning comfort is empowering, and I remember it doesn’t have to make sense. So, I would say, I keep going because I don't wanna miss the $hit show.

This is just who I am and its what I do.

My Fun stuff for 2022 , Belt buckle hunting time

Kettle Moraine 100 June

Hallucination 100 September

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